Yeti or Tigaun


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Get which ever one you can lock the difs on

VW do a 4 motion system thats impressive, So if its got that get that

If you cant lock the difs, dont bother


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Not VW ,but my Sportage is 4wd ,has lockable diff and fold flat seats for big storage ,tows a 23ft caravan all day happy as ,and does 38mpg .It,s 2ltcrdi and is the 150 hp one ,<comes in 3 power outputs>.Fitted with B,F Goodrich Urban Terrain,s was totally unfazed by last winters snow and goes off road no issues atb .

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Skoda Kodiaq, is worth a look, tdi 2ltr 47mpg plus no bother in mine, built on the Q7 size chassis I'm told. 7 seats, the rear seats will fold down.



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I bought a 14 plate Tiguan 4motion this year and it’s a cracking motor. I wanted something that wasn’t too big, handled like my old Golf and would take me up muddy/rutted tracks with no issues and this has ticked all the boxes.


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I watched an old Top Gear the other night with the Tiguan competing in the caravan wars. Was amusing to watch but on a serious note the Tiguan was pretty impressive through the mud pulling a van.

Like you say - chassis, engine and running gear the same - just the badge and body are the main differences.


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Running gear in both Skoda and VW is virtually the same
Yes, in so far as they both have the Haldex clutch system but I am not sure if the Yeti comes with the lockable diffs of the 4,Moten system available on SOME not all VWs. It is an option on the Tigeun


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I've a Yeti 4x4 which I think is great - average 47mpg on a mixture of Motorway, A road and fields. Tyres last 45k miles, cheap to service and run. The boot is big enough to hold 2 fallow does and a roe doe (all at the same time) with a full size spare wheel. BTW the diffs aren't lockable on mine


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Just caught this thread - as someone earlier pointed out, the Yeti has been discontinued. Sad, because it was supremely practical, with just enough frills to make it a pleasure to own and drive. The Tiguan will likely hold it's value better (although it's the same mechanicals!) but don't write off the Yeti as they're very good value for money. I have a Skoda Octavia Scout, and despite all my efforts to kill it, it's still going strong, cheap to run and excellent to drive.


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i had a yeti, it was awsome tons of room and it was an auto 1200 cc brilliant, but was fazed out, so i got the karoq 1000 cc auto its fantastic, tons of room like the yeti , cant fault it, loads of ground clearance , got a spare 16inch alloy yeti wheel, with 2 mint tyres if anyone is interested? going cheep bs.


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We have a SEAT Ateca FR 190, DSG. Fantastic machine, not too bad on juice, will get 45mpgs on a long run. Plenty of power. Great handling, and it has 5 different driving mode, including off road, and ice. It also has hill decent. VW engine, chassis and gearbox also.

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Beginning to make early investigations into a change of my one and only vehicle.

Currently drive a Renault Kadjar 2wd.i do 20000 miles plus a year so running costs are important and rule out "real" 4x4's. Almost all of may stalking access from forestry tracks although I do a bit of game shooting and some 4×4 ability would be handy.

So, must haves are reasonable car like comfort, diesel, auto and 4x4.

Yeti and Tigaun look possibilities. Both have similar mechanical but the VW has s bit more boot space.

Does anyone have experience of these or alternative?
Pre 2018 Subaru XV maybe. CVT transmission. Quirky, but no one does 4x4 better.