Yippee, my rifle has finally arrived!


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Hi guys

After what seems like an age my rifle has finally arrived - im very pleased with it (understatement!)

Varberger .243 (s/h)
S&B 6x42 German - with reticle no. 2 (s/h)
Wildcat Predator 8 Moderator (new)

If I could post pics I would, but I don't know how!

It seems a well made rifle, good wood with a nice palm swell, nice smooth bolt, and the barrel is almost as new condition. The scope is in pretty good condition too, just a couple of ring marks.

Im surprised at how top heavy it is with the moderator on, I was set on not getting a bipod but now I might reconsider.

So, its off to the range to get zeroed - ive bought 3 types of 100g ammunition so we'll see what it likes best.

How sad am I - ive cleaned it twice already and ive only had it in my house for 3 hours!

Happy days.




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Good for you come on post some pics,now you have shamed me i need to clean my old bus :lol: not cleaned in well a long time :oops: :oops:


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new rifle

well done Daemo, :D let us know how you got on with it on the range :confused:
just got a pred 8 for my .243.



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Ive emailed Trevor at Epperstone this afternoon to sort out a suitable time for popping there, so im looking forward to that. I might go along somewhere else tomorrow for a quickie so to speak!




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Nice one Daemo ;)
At last you got it, hope to join you soon just waiting on my ticket :cry:


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Hi Daemo,

glad to hear the new rifle has arrived safe and sound ;) Hope we can break it in on a Sika or Red when you come up later in the year.

Mind you we dont want any bubble wrap around it while we are out stalking :lol: :lol:

Only joking mate............ have to say that as some folk on here cant take a joke these days :rolleyes: Looking forward to seeing you later in the year.

Get practicing with it ;)


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Bubble wrap

Hiya Sikamalc

I'll try to leave the bubble wrap at home! - it won't be easy mind. I dread to think how sad and over protective i'd be with a new rifle!

Im really looking forward to my visit with you, what is it, 6 months? I might be able to shoot straight by then too!