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tommy r

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hi guys , just got my new Schmidt & bender 2.5-10x56 flash dot from York gun . if anyone is looking to buy new I would recommend York guns they gave me a good deal and great service . thank you to Dave wood


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I bought a 2nd hand S&B from them, very good service and after service from them.


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I've used them a few times and always been pleased with the service, advice and prices on the S&B scopes I've had off of them.
I've also had some fair part exchange deals with them too.


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I offered them a commision sale and they wanted 20%+vat on the price achieved which would have been some £1,800 to them.


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Seem to remember popping in a few years back, A Sako .243 under my arm, (Bagged!), asked if they were interested in buying any stock in that day?, first offer £600.00 sight unseen.:eek:

paul o'

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a few years ago before i found sako ! i got a new rem 700 pss for a build up job i got a good deal out of them and they placed the unwanted stock at a good price win win for me. also had a pm2 s&b used had a good deal on that too happy happy.


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I've just had a look on thier website at secondhand rifles and there's a steyr 308 with a Schmidt and bender scope for a quid!!!!! Get in quick lads!


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Have to say - I tried to buy some reloading things off them recently and they claimed to have them in stock and took a week to tell me they didn't and would refund me, it was a pain and when I called I said to the guy "do you have the other item I asked for" he replied "no" so I cancelled my order and bought them elsewhere.

they didn't seem that apologetic so it will be the last time I try to buy from them I'm afraid.



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Well they used to be decent but then the owner got all crappy and then of course was nicked. In fact my Mauser M96 Slide Bolt came from them and the NIB P-H 1200 Super but of course both of those deals were at least 15 years back now.