Yorks region new boy....

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Like many, I have been looking at this (excellent) site for some time but have now decided to try & get a bit more involved as you seem like such a nice bunch!

Introduced to stalking by a friend & colleague a couple of years ago as a non shooter (apart from squirrels in the back garden!!) interested in the outdoors, fly-fishing etc.

Now completely hooked. Stalking is easily the most amazing thing I have done for so many reasons & is thoroughly addictive. I still have a way to go, but I have learned so much from the guys I’ve been out with & from sites like this.

Stalking experience has all been paid / accompanied so far in Yorkshire, Germany & Ireland mostly for roe.
Trouble is with two small boys childcare takes up most stalking funds. (Mmmm wonder if I could sell one of them?? !!!)But I still try to get into my local woods every week with my bino’s to practice what I’ve learned .

Passed my dsc1 last year, joined a rifle club, joined BDS, got a FAC & now proud owner of a Mannlicher .308.

Wife is supportive, but thinks I’m mental (get the impression that this is the case for everyone else on the site too!)
Look forward to making more of a contribution in the future.


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Hello and welcome to the site, loads and loads of experience on here, don't be shy to ask.....I have learnt lots, met many all as a result of this site. People only to happy to offer help and advice.



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Nice to see another new person joining the site, you are very welcome and look forward to reading your posts.

All the best

Sikamalc (Admin)


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Hello waldy mate, welcome to the site. Don't sell any kids just yet there is a recession coming on, wait until it bucks up you will get a better price :D Failing that when they are bigger, get them a drag harness each for Christmas, don't waste an asset.



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Waldy said:
Wife is supportive, but thinks I’m mental (get the impression that this is the case for everyone else on the site too!)

got one of them too :lol: :lol:
don't sell the kids to cheaply think of all the extra stalking from the profits :D
welcome to the site mate
just remember this is not just a site but a lifestyle aswell ;)


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Welcome to the site fellow yorkshireman ;)

Get involved with the threads and banter, you are now part of something special ;)

Where abouts in Yorkshire are you from? It`s a big place, narrow it down a bit for us ;)

P.S Just between me and you, do you drink tea? :lol:



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Hi Waldy,
Well that's a good start you made me laugh already! :D Welcome to the site mate. Two Yorkshiremen on here then blimey! Which one of you is Granville and which one is Arkwright? ;)

Mind you knowing Wadas, he is more likey to be Nurse Gur...gur...Gladys....Emanuel. :lol:


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Good to have you aboard , also new to stalking the knowledge is exellant here. also 2 young kids and a wife thats a shooting widow and now computer widow, but she likes the venison so thats an excuse to go out ;)


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Thanks for the welcome everyone !

Wadas , live just outside Tadcaster ,so I guess I'm pretty much slap bang in the middle but just inside the best county - North Yorks..

What about you ?

How did you know I was a tea drinker , had a cup in my hand when I opened your reply ...... uncanny !!!!!

Appreciate the point about the kids but as they get older they get more 'orrible & I might not get much for 'em .

Looks like there's a growing Yorkshire contingent - any one else ??

Arkwright - deffo !


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Welcome to you too, 3006 spring, and please join in mate ;)

Waldy, i am just north of sheffield, :rolleyes:

Tadacaster eh, i have a caravan on a farm which wouldn`t be a million miles away from you, i think, near wetwang, NO, Wetwang :lol:

How about you 3006 spring? ;)



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Yeah not too far 'bout 40mins drive .
Nice part of the world , got a few deer knocking around too as I'm sure your aware.
Wasn't Richard "countdown" Whitley mayor of Wetwang once ??


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Welcome aboard the premier stalking site Waldy.

Make that at least four of us from Yorkshire :D :)

Wetwang....one or two Roe that way on :D


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My ex wife lives in Beverley so I dare not go there! deer or no deer!

Now then Waldy you won't have much trouble recognising me will you!!

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