You are going to hate me for this ....

Bandit Country

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I guess it takes all sorts...... and I'm not one of them. Frankly if I need anything mechanical doing I will simply pass the buck to someone who is good at it - like my old mucker 243Varmint!

What I did notice is that whoever put the software together may have an ingenious mechanical mind - but he can't spell ****! :lol:


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Flicked it on ! :eek: saw things ! went away , went back out of curiosity! 8) or not :rolleyes: Weekend off !! will have another look when hammered :lol: :lol: should keep me busy.


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Down under's not so bad, you've just got to make it crawl along the bottom after it's fallen off...oh jeez, I'm infected.

I showed it to my boy...he hasn't left the PC all day!


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Tube: make a gizmo with pink ball one side, blue the other. Downward pointing water rod with a weight at the bottom with downward angles rods to put pressure on crawly balls. Add a frame top and bottom to stop balls going mad and they will crawl up.

Down under: add multi link chain to ball, have it roll down ramp (build ramp) with something to anchor chain end and it swings in. Use pink ball top and blue botton with rod sandwiched betewen to shoot anchor/hook device to the left.

Haven't had a shower for two days. Kids forgot what I look like.

Only one to go!

Then there's the full version!!!!