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Since leaving home and entering the world of work and marriage, my step son and his friend (who we’ll call L & R) have slowly but surely become urbanised, I don’t mean that they have become clueless townies, just that their lives are lived in the terrifying conurbations of Oxford and London respectively. Having watched both of them grow up in the countryside, it was sad to see the change when they brought there respective wives and babies up to visit over the New Year.

Chatting, they both expressed a desire to experience highland stalking. A few phone calls later and I had cooked up a day out for them with a local professional stalker. I thought it would be better for them to go out with a pro as they would gain far more than if they just followed me around my patch. One of my better ideas as it turned out.

Dawned the great day and they were kitted out in a motley assortment of my oversized gear and their own Royal Marine Reserves kit, we took a couple of Tikkas belonging to the stalker plus my Mannlicher. Left over Christmas cake was stuffed into pockets and we were off.

Very subtly D, (the stalker) wound us up a steep drag, contriving pauses to look at things…but actually allowing us to regain our breaths, it was beautifully done. At the top, D toddled off for a spy and left us to drink in the view. Even though I’ve lived in the Highlands for around 4 years now, it still takes my breath away. D came back shaking his head, nothing to be seen, very unusual…it was clear that this man new his ground like I know my comfy chair.

A bit of a wander and we spied a few beasts. We got to within 300m of them but D would not allow the guys to shoot. Much too far for newcomers. A big old hind was slightly higher than the main group and had us pinned down. As we watched, the low group started to graze towards us. I could feel the tension from my young charges, see the rigidity and slight shiver in their bodies…I knew they had become totally absorbed.

D decided that we should retreat and make our way to a position where the old girl couldn’t spot us, then wait for the group to graze into us. This we did and a long damp, cold wait followed. I was glad they weren’t having it too easy! After an eternity, backs started appearing over the closest ridge and the beasts wandered in at about 90m, perfect. A whispered command, ‘shoot’. A shot from L. A beast fell. Got up, a shot from R. The hind fell again, not a twitch.

The look on those faces will forever be imprinted in my memory. Ear to ear grins doesn’t even begin to cover it. We reached the beast and D gave them a full run down on it’s age and condition, the gralloch and too much else to remember. Such a knowledgeable guy and a total Gentleman. If he’s reading this he will know who he is and should know that he made those two youngsters incredibly happy and also the perhaps more importantly, has made two complete converts to the cause.

Oh, perhaps I should mention one more thing. My step son L is a vegetarian. To see him walking off the hill bloodied and grinning was a proud moment for me.


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Great account, and well done for taking such an proactive step. Two more for us, is two less against us, whatever they decide to do in the future. I try to take non stalkers out whenever I get the oportunity, it's normaly very rewarding. I don't remember who said "knowledge is nothing till it's passed on". Perhaps it was me??


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It must be very rewarding to make converts. I have managed to get to the point that people can understand why I go stalking. But because I live in the city its an up hill struggle getting anyone interested in stalking. Most youngsters around here would prefer to use a gun for a drive by gang shooting. Bless 'em!


I know what you mean. I live on 90 acres of grass and woodland have some stalking in cumbria and my 16 year old would rather play on the ps3. Her has NO interest in the outside world and thinks the countryside is a place that smells.


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That's a great story Drew. The best way to convert those who are opposed to hunting is to gently introduce them to the experience. Sounds like you had a great day.


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ssgpiv said:
I know what you mean. I live on 90 acres of grass and woodland have some stalking in cumbria and my 16 year old would rather play on the ps3. Her has NO interest in the outside world and thinks the countryside is a place that smells.

LEAVE HER :rolleyes:

Dead bloody easy


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Drew, well done.

I have to say that the hunting instinct is deep within a great many people, except most do not accept that mankind has always been a hunter from the very first moment we stood on the planet in our earliest form.

Didnt see many veggies in those days. And in all my travels in Africa I have never met a vegitarian living in the bush either. And as for Vegans, well they would be the first to go if they tried to exsist on a desert island.


Your remarks made me laugh :lol: :lol:


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that was class
father and stepson bonding at its best ,better still, you got his mate to help sing your praises aswell
sounds like the whole regiment may be there next year better bake a bigger cake just incase :rolleyes: