Your phone was ringing......


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My dear old Dad came out to the workshop with my phone in his hand...It was buzzing he said.

The messenger read " found some pigeons do you want to come? " the time 1.15!!

Most of my kit was in the truck from yesterday, however you have to make sure you take it all....

25 mins later I was leaving with my Spaniel wing man....

It took 40 mins of watching for a line to set up on, 2 hedge hides, 2 changes of rotary positions to dial in!

A slow start ended up with 70 birds



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Thank you, out of all the other shooting I do the pigeons are the best value for a day out.

Mind you I do like my wildfowling,,
I had a great day on Thursday 1st over on my mates farm I had 12 geese and 7 duck over the morning and evening flight.. (Not proper fowling I know)