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Ok i thought i might start a thread on knives just because i would be interested and because of a broken leg, am EXTREMLY bored with nothing to do having cleanded every gun twice, so here goes
its a fallkniven F1 with the zyletol? sheath, its never fallen out and is great for gralloching and bushcraft duties, theey are a little on the pricey side but well worth it[/url]

Little Terry

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I've recently bought one of those cheap orange bushwear jobbies. Took it out for the first time and it was about as sharp as my a***e. Got it home and spent half an hour or so fettling it up and now its great. Holds a reasonable edge and I haven't lost it yet, which is a bonus!

Cheap as chips!

I've got fed up with buying fancy knives with hooks and straps and leather bits etc. Lovely to look at, but now I just want one serviceable knife that I can use for everything, not loose too easily in the half light and keep sharp but not worry about.[/url]

The Mole

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Frost Clippers are great but the blade is a bit too wide for my liking, especially when 'tunneling' a smaller deer. Otherwise, anything with a plastic handle & sheath which is cheap and takes (and holds) an edge works for me.


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I carry 2 knives the 1st a M. Nieto locking pocket knife this cost me £20ish from my local iron monger it holds a fantastic edge I put a 25 degree angle onit with my lansky system and now even after spltting a rib cage, legging and heading a beast, 6 or so strokes on a steel and it shaves the old arm!! The second is an orange bush knife, I put a 30 degree edge on this and although Ive only used it once the exact same way as my pocket knife and again 6 or so strokes on the steel and its razor sharp.


Heym SR20

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Buck Alpha Hunter with rubber handle and synthetic sheath. Without a gut hook. Now use it for all deer gralloching, skinning and jointing the carcas. Extremely sharp, but also with enough weight that you can chop through the rib cage. - - but I did pay in £ what I would pay in US$.

I used to use an Opinal - again very good blade, but handle does get slippy and nothing to stop hand sliding onto the blade.

And I generally have a leatherman tool with me, which I have used to gralloch and skin a muntjack in the past.


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I've got one of the EKA swing blades but I'd love it if it didn't have the gut bit and was fixed. Ash of this site made me an excellent sheath for it too.

I also have a Puma IP Stag but the sheath does not secure the knife very well and it's just not as nice in the haand as the cheaper EKA.

Sure the clippers are good, but I like having something a little nicer.


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I have just got JES to make me a replacement for the knife I lost......

Lost one......

New one......


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Ibberson admiralty pattern navy knife, easy to sharpen, the handle grips better when wet, always my first to reach for, after that one of the other thirty knives in the draw.


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Boker Arbolito Relincho Madera. Yes I know, bit of a mouthfull. Got an EKA swingblade but I'm disappointed with its edge retention and the sheath is just nasty.
The Boker has a 5" Bohler N695 blade that is vastly superior. Rmoves heads and legs without loss of edge. You could ride bare-arsed to London on the EKA blade after heading and legging. Don't know what the edge angle is because I haven't had to sharpen it, just strop it on the back of the (superb) leather sheath after each use. I prefer leather sheaths for this reason and because they feel more secure. Just have to be disciplined about wiping the knife clean. Long slim knife, very light and well balanced and surprisingly nimble for fiddly tasks like doing the back end on small deer. Full tang with wooden scales which are very pretty but more effort to clean. I suppose to be perfect it would have a one piece micarta handle or similar, which would make it a Fallkniven. But the Boker is £77, which for the quality is a bit of a bargain. Not perfect but very close and excellent value.

Pending a satisfactory outcome from the National Lottery I'll order a George Trout custom blade.
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i always take two, one is a Katz Lion King with white Micarta on the grip and the other is a marttinni but i cant remember the model. the lion king is fantastic if a little on the large side


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I use three knives on and off. A H.Roselli Pukko style that is great, a Helle Fjellkniven and my trusty Opinel. I think if you get used to something anything can do the job as long as its sharp. I have been seeing people get great results also with quality boning knives. I use a Victorinox boning knife for everything at home,good handles and easy to clean, and people are getting great results out on shoots with them. Next purchase for me though will be a tripe knife. Hoping to get away with field gralloching with One of the above and the tripe knife. My brother has a few Alan Wood knives, good tools indeed! But I would never sleep again if I lost something like that. T
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