Yukon Photon 5x42 Stock - So who would like one......

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Plenty in stock of the new Yukon Photon 5x42 Digital Night Vision riflescope, but selling fast, almost half gone already since we took this picture an hour ago!

£399.99 inc FREE UPS Next Day Delivery.

Order before 4pm and get it next day (UK Mainland)

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Order by phone : 01556 50 3587 or 01556 50 3175

Or click here to order the Yukon Photon 5x42 Digital Night Vision riflescope online.

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Yukon site indicates that the Photon is available with either 780 nm or 915nm laser and if they're the 780nm version can you source the 915nm unit?


  • 3.5x/5x optical magnification
  • 82 mm eye relief
  • Built-in eyesafe laser IR Illuminator (780 or 915 nm)
  • Ability to use any standard mounts for daylight sights
  • Reticle with illuminated red dot
  • Contrast image
  • Adjustable image brightness
  • External power supply
  • Video output – ability to use external recording equipment
  • Lightweight and compact
916nanometers of light is black so there is no glow from the illuminator. on a T20 or NM4/800 you have the red glow from the torch. just means your not throwing visible light at your target.

isnt the DFA75 running with the more sensitive camera so works with 915nm light source?
Just seen the question, Activevil has stepped in with my reply, Thank you! :)

I haven't tried it but have read reports of the 780nm spooking game. . . . . .???
The built in IR laser of the Photon is 780nm and therefore part of the IR spectrum is visible in terms of a red glow, much akin to someone smoking a cigarette in terms of light emission.

Going for a Pulsar 915nm you gain covertness, but intrinsically the higher wavelength device is considerably less powerful, and in all but very dark conditions will be considerably underpowered compared to an X850, NM400 etc

The Nightmaster 800IR with Covert 940 diode would be my choice.

Buy Night Master NM800 IR Covert - shop at suppliers Scott Country

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Received mine this week. I am very Happy with it, I have only shot with an air rifle at targets, but will be trying on rabbits this week, then on to a 22 and 243 thanks Chris