yukon photon 6.5x50


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Anyone on the site here use one of these ,whats your opinion of them,how easy are they to set up and zero plus whats the realistic distance you can see with it ,want one for a bit of bunny bashing.


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Had one, now got photon xtreme. Easy to setup if you use adjustable mounts (like atp66), otherwise crosshairs are nin central in screen. Add a decent ir and bunny bashing at 120-140 yards is ****ible but i never went beyond c100 yards on hmr.


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Just moved mine to my 243. Always had it in QR mounts and never had a problem getting it zeroed and the cross hair has always been central. I have heard lots of people have issues getting it zeroed though.


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Had to pack mine up on rear mount with photographic paper but otherwise no problems deadly on my hornet day or night i'll give it thumbs up