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Sold: Yukon Photon 6x50 RT Day/Night scope


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I am selling my Yukon Photon RT Nightvision Scope, only selling as I am looking to upgrade to a Digisight for my .243 and I already have a another Photon that I use on my .22 and .17hmr

All the usual features such as Stream video capabilities and record and sound function .

I have shot a lot of foxes and rabbits using this scope on both .243 and .22

Some usage related marks but nothing that effects the scope and as I only use the scope cap for zeroing in the daytime I have removed the cap lid so I can take it on and off as when I need it so you might want to replace it or use it as I do.

£450 posted anywhere in the UK or £430 pick up in Inverness , Postage will be special delivery or Courier within 24hours of purchase if done during the week.


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Right guys I will price drop only once , it is now £420 posted . This cost £650 brand new and you cannot even get the older one cheaper than this . There is nothing wrong with it I just want an upgrade and without the sale of this I cant afford or warrant buying one.