Yukon Photon Night Vision Update

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Hello all.

We can now confirm that we have been informed that we are due to receive our first batch of 25 Yukon Photon Digital Night Vision riflescopes by the end of this month. So anyone with a pre-order (from the initial 25) will be getting a phone call very soon to take the balance payment due.

We had a little bit of conflicting info, as Yukon/Pulsar considered changing the spec slightly to 3x mag, but they are running with the 5x mag now as initally planned. We have been testing a demo unit for several weeks now and it offers fantastic performance for under £400.00

We are also due to receive a further 75 during June so will have plenty of stock should anyone who has not pre-ordered, to now do so.


More info here

Buy Yukon Photon 5x42 Digital Night Vision - shop at suppliers Scott Country

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Sounds interesting. I'm after a budget set-up for shooting over a caller.
Is there any way of getting a YouTube video of it in use at night?
Demo video coming soon.

If anyone wants an unbiased report, Mike Powell from Sporting Rifle has had a play with our demo unit in the field.


Hi there

Probably a bit of a geeky question but do you know the distance between the centre of the tube and the lowest point on the front casing - trying to work out what height rings I'd need to accommodate it. Looks like I could probably get away with anything that normally works with a 50mm objective but it would be nice to be sure.


Hello Fabnosh.

The image above is on a tactical airsoft solution and offers adequate clearance, with a normal riflescope on a rifle barrel (which tapers from the breech) the space available will be greater.

I would say that if you are using HIGH mounts suitable for a 50mm objective you would be fine, however "could" get away with medium to lower the profile on some applications.
Hello, Mike Powell will be reviewing the Photon in Sporting Rifle magazine, probably August issue.

However if anyone wants to have a word with him, drop me an email and I will put you in touch.

Darfield17 - you need to place a forward order if you would like one, they are selling out before they even arrive i am afraid there wont be stock on the shelves of these for long.
Rest assured we are almost as excited.

We have already got a list of about 50 people after the first 25 who have confirmed an order.

With only 100 on order (25 and then 75 to follow) we are looking to run out quick before we even have them!

I spoke to SC a few days ago .. they won't be calling until the stock arrives. I'm not going to get excited until I get the call :D
Usually Scott country make videos of there products they have them on their own website. They did say they would update us all they had done some.
don;t no feller just sent an email on dates or updates on 2 scopes on order
looked on youtube bugger all on there .
Hello all.

We do have a demo video which will be launched on You Tube when the first stocks arrive.

Sadly still waiting for an update on delivery time.