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As there may well be a few wondering the same question......I'm not moaning about delivery times as I knew a wait was inevitable but...

is there any news on availability?? I ordered one at the Carlisle NV meeting, how long do you think until delivery is likely to be possible? Thought that a thread may save a load of phone calls by SD members to ask the same question!




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local shop that have ordered 3 and still waiting, they where told by thomas jacks that only 250 a month are coming out of yukon and they are getting split around the uk. he is 600 on the list as of 2 weeks ao, he has been waiting 4 weeks before that so it looks like christmas.

knowing how fast the digi nightvision market s moving i reacon the photon will be out of date by the time they have covered the orders


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I know a shop that has them in stock right now!
Just deciding if I want to buy one this week before I announce it to the world!


Received mine last week. Ordered at the CLA Game Fair 20th July, so 14 weeks, was told 4 to 5 months. So not too bad.

Scott Country

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We have approx 100 Photons arriving into stock tommorow.

It won't clear all our back orders by a long shot, but will make a huge dent in them.

We will be contacting everyone eligible in order that they placed their order with us tommorow.

People who ordered early August should be getting theirs in this batch.

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