Yukon photon xt


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I am looking at the xt but waiting for reviews on it or footage on youtube .
There is some but only about 100m with built in ir. Would like to see some at 150m plus with ir 800


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Put one side by side with my DronePro using the t20. I could see out to 350 . Didn't have the same clarity at distance but more than capable of 200 yards
atb Steve


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I picked one up at the Deer Stalking fair & have been pretty pleased with it. It is much better than the old Gen 1 Yukon I used to have. For the money it is hard to beat. It is ideal for the rabbiting I have been doing with it & the built in illuminator is actually quite good; you can see 200 odd yards with it. The Mag is a bit less that 5 from what I remember so I am not sure I would want to shoot at Foxes at that range with a low mag, but at 100 or less it would be good.

The only problem I have had is that the tube was offset from the bore, so that it was making holes 6 inches low & 3 inches of so left. It may have been my mounts but there was a Scot country video (I think) where they had the same problem, so they suggested a set of Sportsmatch mounts (for an Airgun type rail) that had windage & elevation adjustment on the mounts. You need this as you can adjust the reticule electronically for up/down and left/right BUT it moves the reticule on the screen, so I had it down at the bottom left had corner before I got the adjustable mount. I would be interested to hear if anyone else has had such a problem, especially on a centerfire. I may put it on my 243 in due course but if I get more into foxing then I would probably up the quality to a Drone Pro.

All said though, I a very happy with it and had forgotten how much fun a good NV can be when it all goes well... plus the fun of finding the rabbit once you have tagged one in the pitch dark and then have to find it.

Hales Smut

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What about that "doubler" wich is for sale? Magnification almost to about 8X .
Intrested in such a combination myself. But not available here, so no experience with NV.