Sold: Yukon Sightline N470S £510

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Personal sale

Perfect working order

Boxed and clean. With receipt, Only coming upto 3 months old, so majority warranty remains. ( 2 years and 9 months)

6 to 24 x mag

Built-on IR (will see clearly to 350 plus yards, first hand experience)

60mm objective lens

1280 x 720 CMOS sensor

1024 x 768 HD Amolled display

Terrific NV unit

Only used as a temp solution until I got thermal for a specific rifle.

Rechargeable battery and charger and a battery pack that takes 4 AA batteries.

£510 posted (insured tracked Parcelforce)


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Have a bump on me.
These are good NV scopes - much better than the Pulsar Digex.


Nothing Pulsar does in NV is really much good in all honestly, in my opinion. The n450 ultra digi sight Pulsar model looked okay until you read the reviews of many a wondering zero. Digex has a big IR issue, doesn't like much! A shame as it had potential.
The Yukon offering hails above due to the nice sensor combined with the amolled display and the big objective lens.
That and you get a base optical magnification of 6 on the sightline, not 3 or 4 like so many others, so digital magnification on top to your desired 8 10 or 12 x mag etc etc is always going to look better and less pixalated than a 3 x mag being magnified up to the same level.
Whenever I need nv I turn to one of these.
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