Z6i click adjustment


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Hi all,

im wondering if you guys could shed some light on the situation.
I currently bought a new 2.5-15x56 z6i with no ballistic turret.

I would like to get a ballistic turret fitted but heres the snag, the scope currently has .36moa adjustments. I would like this finer as I will use the scope for a bit of varminting aswell and would prefer .25 or .18 moa clicks.

Does anyone know if the click values can be changed on ballistic turret fitment?



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Along the same lines sort of, i spoke to Zeiss regarding doing the same, said it would cost to much as all the internals need changing.


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After sending swarovski an email with a few questions about this situation the click adjustments cannot be altered. BT fitted no problem but click adjustments stay the same.
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