Zeiss ASV


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John, that's a cracking alsatian target,who makes them for you? is that new quarry on the foreign trips you organise?
ATB 1995rs


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Thats more like 300 feet i would head shoot deer at that distance with a Pecar :rofl: Nice vid mate weldone on the effort.

jimmy milnes

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You practicing for the dog lads on the stubbly john !!!! Oh and nice to see the riggers again is that a zeiss logo on em lol


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LOL jimmy, you know I wear them riggers for finishing pikies dogs off its a H+S requirement. Lamping time of year now so I have black ones for cammo. Realtwit sponsored me and sent me them.


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Hi John, do you think 6-24 is suitable for woodland stalking too or is 6 times a little too much? I like to purchase a Victory Diavari 6-24 with ASV in future, just not too sure about the minimum magnification?! Nice video by the way…


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Entertaining video. I have a Zeiss 3-12x56 Victory HT with ASV turret on my .25-06, checked the elevation setting on a 8x12 inch steel plate at 440 yards, bang on centre!
Fantastic scopes.