Sold: Zeiss Divari V 3-12x56 T* with ASV+

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I have just replaced my Zeiss Divari with a newer Zeiss and cant justify keeping it as a spare as I really shouldn’t buy any more rifles :eek::D!

It is in very good condition with a 30mm tube and no4 reticule in the FFP. It has some very light cabinet wear marks which i have photographed. Lenses are perfect and the clarity exceptional as you would expect of a Zeiss Divari. It will come in its original box with all the rings and paperwork.

The ASV+ is I have to say is a fantastic ballistic turret. I had this retro fitted by Zeiss Uk at significant cost for which I have the warranty paperwork also. It comes with 10 rings a standard one and 9 that are already measured out in yards from 100-400 in increments. You put your caliber info into the zeiss website and it will tell you which ring to use. I have tested this at Orion and it is bob on!

As the ret is in the FFP at 12x power the reticule can be a touch thick however i have found this useful in falling light as it prevents the loosing of the crosshairs in low light.

All in all a cracking scope and the more I type the more I am thinking i should keep it!!

Please see separate listing for a 30mm Tikka T3 Gamereaper one piece mount and a vortex objective cover that I am selling also if this is of interest.

£975 inc insured postage

Won’t let me add photos as they are too big. I can email or whatsapp them
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