Zeiss fakes


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Add S&B, Leupold, Steiner, Minox, Swavoski? and Meopta, that's just from memory, if you really want to get upset go to Aliexpress.com
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David Nimrod

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The Chinese (etc.) have zero respect for anyone's intellectual property...

It's simply a race to the bottom... Buyer Beware!


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Zeiss Conquest Rifle Scope 4-16X40AO RG Illuminated Reticle Scope+ FREE Mounts

Damn!!! Thought I'd snagged a bargain! :confused:
Reading the description, it reassuringly states:
"It is 100% real Zeiss, This model assemblem in USA, Germany Glass, but for Asia Market ONLY .
So Carl Zeiss in your country has NOT this model of rifle scope ."​


Fursty Ferret

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Oh i have no doubt that the folks in the know are fully aware they are not looking at a genuine branded scope and more fool you if you do fall for it but its still ****ing wrong of them to clearly try to sell them for something they are not.
I reported just one of the sellers i came across but cant be arsed to go through them all


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I am note sure.

I remember folk thought that...in the 1970s...the fake Japanese Carl Zeiss Jena were genuine East German.

eBay is a disgrace. Removes folks old loading die sets yet permits these fake 'scopes.