Zeiss Flip-up objective cover


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Heads up for those interested, new Zeiss objective cover now on the market , quality stuff, screw-in, metallic and spring loaded... I was given one for free at the Shooting Show, with my V8.
Available for Victory HT and V8 in 50 and 56 mm objective.


paul o'

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Had to buy mine but got a top deal from Swillington's yet again :thumb: glad i looked around as it was good few £££ off on what i was going to pay .:eek:


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Yes however they dont do one that fits a 56 mm Diavari which is a pain nor are sunshades available, see my posts on the site about this subject. As a temporary solution I purchased a 62 mm clear flip up cover from Ramsbottoms at a great cost of £4, it fits snugly and id=s better than nothing.