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I have a pair of Zeiss Nightowl bino's which I have used and sometimes abused over a fair period of time. Whilst stalking for Roe in mid summer I lost the rainguard, so I contacted Zeiss optics in the UK.

Nightowl Binos are not made anymore, its a discontinued line, I was told. That I knew already, but they cost me when i bought them a shed load of money, so i was keen to find a new rainguard as there is nothing more frustrating than having to wipe the lenses off when you are stalking in the rain or drizzle.

I take my hat off to the ladies at Zeiss optics. After about 4 weeks they managed to trace and dispatch a rainguard for me FREE of charge.

Thats what I call looking after your customers.

Thank you to the Zeiss UK optics team for being so helpfull.


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Sounds like an excellent service. I have tried to source a new pair of lens covers (for the objective/big end lenses or whatever they are called) for my Leica Geovid 8x42's but despite them still being in production I have yet to find any. I am getting to the stage where I am considering some Butler Creek flip up covers to replace the original rubber types. The rain gaurd at the other end is fine but on occasion especially when stalking on snow covered ground I have found that after a crawl I can see **** all. My zeiss binos were repaired for the price of the postage after dropping them I just wish Leica were as good for aftersales care.



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Hi Malc
I was well impressed with them I had a pair of bgat dialyt 7x42's which got damaged. I sent them back for a quote a week later they returned them repaired foc.
I have swapped them for a pair of bgat 8x56 for the Boar and a pair of Swarovski el 8x.32's lets hope swarovski are as helpful when I manage to bugger them :D



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Leica UK

Guys-The amount of frustration I have had with Leica Uk is just hell & I only needed a new rubber depression button for a Leica LRF rangefinder as it kind of got lost on a stalk in the dim & distant past.

I now have to stick my shallest Pinkie (little finger that is) in the bloody hole to get the bugger to work & after about 20 attempts over the phone with them to get a new button I just gave up & dont bother using it anymore.

Hats of to Swarovski & Zeiss but I think that the sfter sales service with Leica stinks here in the UK, as having called them countless times & being fobbed off I just gave up.

I would love some Geovids-but to be honest would not touch that manufacturer ever again due to the bad experiance.


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Sikamalc - do you the contacts for Zeiss UK - friend has has Zeiss Bino's and they need realigning - optically stil superb - just ben very well used.

Many thanks

Offroad Gary

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lets hope swarovski are as helpful when I manage to bugger them :D


i keep breaking the eye cups on my slc's and they send me new ones FOC every time (always 2 of them). best thing is i bought the slc's 2nd hand of ebay usa and swarovski still send out the spares, so dont be put off by the grey import thing - their warranty is truly worldwide.