Zeiss owners, your comments please


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[h=3]VICTORY HT 2.5–10x50 illuminated with adjustable ring for distance shooting[/h][h=3]VICTORY HT 3–12x56 illuminated with adjustable ring for distance shooting[/h][h=3]Many Thanks in advance [/h][h=3]Regards TH[/h]


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was looking at these last week at mike's, fantastic scopes, the clarity at last light is amazing, that lottery ticket comes up saturday its the first thing i am buying :thumb:


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Like you Deanandrew64 i dont own one and i also have looked throught one and was trying to find out peoples thoughts that actually own a zeiss
But the title of the thread was Zeiss owners, your comments please
Thanks for the help, i take your point that these scopes are expensive, my query was not about cost
Please only respond if you are a zeiss owner.
I find these threads very often are high jacked unintentionally by people being helpful :))
If we don’t use a little etiquette the site will deteriorate I feel.
Many thanks


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I have quite a few Zeiss scopes, all in the 3-12x56 range bar 2 in the 6-24x56 range. The Victories in the 3-12x56 are not Parallax Adjustable but I have had no problem shooting from dawn until dusk and at distance. The glass is crystal clear for my eyes and they are better than my S&B PM11 5-25x56. I also have a 3-12x56 *T that was made in the 90s which is still perfect and used to good effect. I have no doubt they will last a lifetime. For the last two years, I have been using 3-12x56 Diarange on a .308: knowing your range to the meter allows for clinical shot placement.


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I think the 50 diameter scope would be the better of the two as it would be able to be set lower thus keeping the rifle fit / cheek weld better.
The smaller scope will be a bit lighter too.
Optically there won't be much difference in low light, although the 56 will let a bit more light in when set at the same magnification as the 50.
Both scopes are IMHO as good as it gets so choose which will make the most comfortable / best balanced rig with your rifle.


Paul at Fechan

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I shot bushnell elite 6500 proudly with an honest opinion being they were 'as good as it gets' because 'I can't shoot any better' until a Zeiss turned up for a try and I have to put my hands up and admit that the glass and illuminated functions are a different class and I should have changed sooner. I won't pretend on paper that I shoot better with a Zeiss compared to a Bushnell or other very good scope but in the field it's a different game.

The likes of the top end Elite's do everything you want a scope to do but the functions that make a difference like the Zeiss ASV and Illuminated options make shooting simpler and easier when distance corrections and poor light would otherwise put pressure on you. I've shot a few deer and foxes now in last light stalking that I couldn't have before until I had the benefit of the fine illuminated dot to work with.

I think the most important thing I learned after getting Zeiss was with the idea of 'false economy' and while other makes are great in the normal stalking environment and in 'good' light, the Zeiss scopes give you a bit more and the illuminated and ASV options let you place and correct otherwise difficult shots with a precision that you just can't with traditional options. It's a case of hunters shooting less quarry because they put less on their rifle because it was 'good enough' to do. I've passed my rifle to guests more than once to use because with their scope they just couldn't see the deer confidently with their 'good' optics. Hope that helps



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I think the 50 diameter scope would be the better of the two as it would be able to be set lower thus keeping the rifle fit / cheek weld better.
the one on my sako estate rifle is a 56 and on low optilock rings and bases fits the finlite just there is daylight there I promise.


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From the photo above it does not look like there is much room for adjustment with regards to eye relief on the Sako / Optilock combination.


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i used to be a schmidt man and was happy with them owning a few along the years but then decided to go over to ziess as i found a 2.5-10x50 victory diavari illuminated at i price i was happy with and to be honest i will never go back to schmidt, opticaly both are on par with one another but i seemed to be always adjusting all my old schmidts zero by a click or two here and there but ive never adjusted my ziess since zeroing, the ret is very fine and this can be a trouble at times but this is over come by illuminated dot if needed. i really cant fault my ziess im very happy with it and would happily recomend them except the duralyt range as i just feel that for the same sort of money meopta glass is better


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got a 6-24 victory cost more than i can afford really but never regreted in for a moment! i used to have a leupold 4-14 & can honestly say that i can see more through my victory set at 6 power than i could through my leupold on 8 or 9 power!
i walked round a show looking through a few scopes to see if i could justify spending all that money.. it made looking through some of the more modestly priced scopes like looking through a bog window!!