Zeiss Terra 4-12x50


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Anyone got a Zeiss Terra 4-12x50 ? For around £425 they seem good value. Need one for Foxing. looked ant the Meopta Meopro but they are now more expensive. Anything else as good for similar money ?

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A mate of mine tried one but soon moved it on. He was massively impressed but then again he is used to Zeiss victory glass so unfair comparison really. He also only used it in stalking situations and never lamped with it. Depends what you used to! If your used to top end glass you will be dissapointed but its a fair mid range scope.
Unless you want the extra mag you might better spending that £425 on a quality fixed 8x56


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I've had a look through both of these and the meopro in my opinion is the better glass and construction, as said above if you can live with the fixed 8 mag the Schmidt & Bender 8x56 is the scope to go for, im sure you can get them for under £400 new, they are bombproof and the glass is some of the best ive seen. Also have a look at the new delta titanium, they do a 2.5-10x56 for around the £400 mark and it is getting very good reviews so far. Another one to consider which is getting good right ups is the hawke frontier 2.5-15x56 for around the same price. I'm sure yo'll get some of the vortex vipers for around that price range also and a lot of people rate them very highly. If you have your heart set on the terra try livelines in Armadale the have a new for sale for £350
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