Sold: Zeiss V4 4-16x50 External Elevation - Illuminated Reticle #93 ZMOAi-1

Zeiss V4 4-16x50 External Elevation - Illuminated Reticle #93 ZMOAi-1.

Boxed as new. Bought for a project about 1 month ago, but never mounted as I have binned the project now.

The 4-16x50 model could be the most ideal riflescope from the Conquest V4 family. The applications are nearly endless. It offers a near-perfect zoom range for hunting in dense woods and is equally up to the task of taking – and making – those tougher shots at greater distances. The low-light performance is unmatched in its class due to the 50 mm objective size. It’s hard to envision a more diverse riflescope to tackle most any hunting and shooting task.

Dispatched with Royal Mail special delivery.

£700 posted


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