Zeiss victory HT binos

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Im due to upgrade on my Zeiss dialyts and im torn between the victory FL and the HT models. I've looked through the FL model and I like what I see and the focussing set up is lovely (nicer than the swaro ELs I used to have) but ive yet to sample the victory HT and so i'd like to hear opinions from anyone who's upgraded to these and also the comparison to what they upgraded from.

I don't want any clowns coming on and saying 'buy Swarovski ELs' because ive been there done that sent them back for repair and got rid. its a Zeiss thing!!

However....... the new Minox APO HG are not being counted out of the equation just yet due to the fact that minox share the same glass as zeiss and are made in the wetzlar factory... plus have stunning optics. Anyone using these new ones??

look forward to responses chaps, I have three weeks to decide!



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You have to compare them side by side. Only way to tell.

I have Lieca Geovids HD's and my mate has earlier pair none HD. To me visually they are identical. Splitting hairs.



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I have a pair of the HT in 8x42 and really like them they are very well built and appear robust, ergonomically they are superb very nicely balanced and are very very bright, but to compare them as Cyres has mentioned would need to be side by side, and as everyones eyes are different opinion's will vary if you have the xtra money go ht if not you wont be disapointed with the fl the link below will have you reading for days good luck. http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=223810
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