Zero tolerance, news story from Hungary.


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As a Hungarian this is just vote gathering again from our DICKtator... the only people who will ride this income tax evasion pony is the gypsies and lazy scum who have a gazzilion kid anyway, often more than the can count. They are already receiving lots of social security benefits and free housing.... whilst normal ordinary hard working folks will not 'mate' into this as they know that as a responsible parent you need to work, make a living (that is hard over there) and make sure that your kids grow up and you can afford that ...:( sad times over there and these uneducated breading machines are the people who will vote for that t..t again pushing the country further into the abyss ... rant over ... sorry folks but it felt so good writing this out !!!!!!


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I can't help thinking of the policies brought in under Ceaușescu in Romania. One result of which was all of those horrific images of Romanian orphanages in the late 80s.


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