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I`ve just come back from zeroing my newly aquired styre .270 which is about 20 yrs old and which i got from york guns last week.
On it have put a 6x42 hungarian s/b and plan to put a stainless p.e.s. + bypod.
When i put it together i just bore sighted it in the garden and went on my merry way to check what kind of grouping i was getting. First of all i paced out to about 50 yards and laid down resting with a sand bag under the stock, first 2 shots were 4" low and 1" to the right, not bad i didn`t think, so then did the appropriate adjustments and placed another 2 shots and low and behold they went straight within 1" of the bull. Going back to 100 paces i then placed another couple of rounds onto the target and within a total of 7 shots i am really pleased with the group i have got which is now shooting 1" high at 100 paces. To top it off the ammo that i am using is called prvi partisan at 130 grains, these bullets are by far the cheapest bullets on the market and have served me well, even when i was contracting, i also use these in my .243. Who else is using an old styre, and what do you think.? Wadashot.


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I shoot a 1970s Steyr Model M full stock carbine ( Stutzen ) in .270 Winchester. You are shooting what sounds like a Model M full rifle ( half stock) with 600 mm barrel. If I am wrong, please correct me, as the models 1950 to 1968 are different in many ways. All my .270s have iron sights, open and aperture.

For my Steyr M .270, I found that it shot Old Faithful, Remington CoreLokt 150-gr very well. I got it shooting those very well, and then had to try some 1130-gr factory loads it did not like, and find some handloads for my other .270s, which it did. I30-gr Winchester cheap Super-X and Rem 150s, SPT or RN, are where I start.

Does yours have iron sights? How is it shooting to the irons?


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Ahhh wadashot ..................................... a 20 year Steyr is a youngster :D.

Steyr made very good rifles even after they stopped making the Schoenauer after the fire which destroyed most of the tooling for them. Of course the company has many .............................. many decades of experience of making quality rifles. Your new acquisition should serve you very well and I wish you luck with it :tiphat:.


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I hope it's been serving him well too, but it's hardly a new acquisition seven years after he posted that...

Hmmm must admit that I didn't look at the original post date. It just came up as a new post ............................. Oh well.
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