Zip up type wellies


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Hi looking for a good pair of zip up type wellies for dog walking and training etc
Any recommendations and best price etc


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Ur just as well with a pair of 50 quid nora's/dunlop suretreads or 80 quid muck boots. I wear wellies every day this time of year (well prob 8 months of the year) and there as good as anything, got 2 years out of my last nora's

The hunter ones are rubbish my dads went throu 2 pairs in 18month and just went back on to the nora's. And says he actually prefers them, anything with neoprene is a ba****d to get off if not zipped.

If ur going to spend that sort of cash i'd be getting a leather pair either walking/hunting boot or dubarry type/cheap copy
Hi Having had the posh neo jobbys for many seasons now I wouldn't go back to Hunters if you paid me, however all zip ups suffer one weak spot and that is the zip itself especially the lower 6" they must be kept clean and lubed or you very soon find the zip is bu@@ered.
No doubt peeps will now post that they have had theirs for 5 years and never bothered to service the zips, as a previous poster said, mine are worn almost every day and I can assure you the zips will play up in time. Apart from that I am more than happy with them.

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