ZKK mounts


Hello again everyone...since I last posted I have moved from Speyside to the New Forest, but I have a question that I hope someone can help with.
I have searched the forum and found various posts that have only served to confuse me, so here's the question.

Can someone recommend mounts so I can use my Schmidt & Bender 8x56 30mm tube on my Brno ZKK 601. Just the make and model is all I need, I'm happy to find a retailer so no need to put yourself out too much ;)

Thanks in advance



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You may struggle with a 30mm tube as most specific ZKK mounts are of same era as the rifle when 26mm and 1" were the order of the day.

The other factor is that the rifles weren't legally importable into the USA so American 'scope mount makers didn't cater for them.

But don't despair. They were popular in Australia and an Australian hunting forum may be the place to ask? Hillver made mounts...Edgar Brothers were Hillver importers...but Hillver now out of business.

I don't know if current CZ rifles...Edgar Brothers too...have the same receiver profile and so the same mount as their ZKK antecedents.

Edgar Brothers can be helpful but also frustrating unless you get the right person. I'd maybe suggest a letter or email may be better than a 'phone call.

I know American makers cover current CZ rifles. So if they are same mount you're probably sorted. Lastly Norman Clarke may be worth a 'phone call.


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if you want i will check upstairs tomorrow as i have some warne quick detachable 30mm rings that i had on my 375 & 458 Brno,s i do not think i will ever use them again