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Hi, you've mentioned in a thread, that you are selling a sako 22. Just asking want you want for it.
I am trying to swap a Marlin for a sako.
Hi Camerpn thanks for your reply I think the scope is more for a target shooter so I will pass ..Krs Tony
Stags available yes PM is best thanks. As comments on thread do not show up on your Male Box
Great! Can you tell me what timings you have please
hi Turkish , are you restricted , using a varmint type bullet in Uk for deer? I have tried the 80 gr and found them to be very accurate . I think if you cut the blitz and the gamekings in cross section they are very similar. dave
Hi interested in your Package. Would you be able to offer the same prices to our Syndicate members please about 6 would take you up on your offer from past experience .And me with a mate .
Hi David. I have had very good results from RS62 and 140 ELD-m. Even shoots 1/2 moa with Sellier and Bellot, well pleased. How's your rifle fairing. Have you run it in yet or are you still up to your neck in
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Been home a week now, shooting lots of foxes, got my thermion xm50 on top of the Creedmoor just now, game changer when after foxes

I live in Dorchester as well. Just wondered where you long range shoot? I'm assuming you travel to Bisley but intrigued to know if you have somewhere closer. Take Care. Russell
Hi there Tremo, are either of these still available please?

Cheers Martyn.
Lovely man to deal with. Mind you, I've got some money from him so I would say that.
Cheers for a good sale.
hi matey thanks for your kind offer with the remmy 700 screws let me know the cost inc shipping dave.
Hi Ryan
If you still have the Varget I would like 2 tubs from you if that’s ok ?
I’ll be going to Liverpool in the next couple of weeks to see family I could collect it then.
Happy to transfer the money over if you could hold onto it for me.
Many thanks