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Night Vision Store
Hi Ed could you let me know if you have 100 grn 243 copper heads available cheers
Edinburgh Rifles
Edinburgh Rifles
Yes we do
Drop me a line or call <deleted>
check your number two embarrassing calls to a very nice person but not you pal
Hi There
the Ruger 204 dies are still for sale
I prefer PayPal as friend/family as there are no fees that way to do this you will need my email address which is
I will need your details for posting - name and address please
Johnny you said you'd buy the saw and I've heard nothing more despite sending you messages and you being on line. Do you want it or not? I'd rather you say than just ignore me. Thanks
Hi there, I am the forester on the Stanway Estate, Stanway, Glos. GL54 5PQ. Any questions please just ask.
Regards Nick.
Hi Hope all is well with yourself. Im looking for a knife for my Son Is it possible to make one with hidden tang and stag horn handle complete with bolster and if possible what would be cost ?

I saw your post re binos. I will be selling a pair of 10x42 Swarvoski binos (about 10 years old) as I will be upgrading to a Range Finding pair if you are interested.
Hi, are still looking for Sako .308? If so I'm selling my Sako 85 Varmint with optilock rings. Original stock is brand new (sold the GRS seperately) @150 rds though (stalking only). I'm looking for @£1k which is around half the new cost. There is a mod & scope which I can also sell. (Nikko Stirling scope - not brilliant for stalking!!!) I have photos if you're interested
All the best
Good morning
Im interested in the scope. What kind of condition is it in and is it the 1 or 2
Sorry for delay scope is sold thanks,
hi went up there yesterday with my brother, had a great morning out ,seen loads of cwd ,shot 2 each ,nice country side as well .your in for a treat.
hi this is something i very much want to do probably more like next year , but roughly how much would it be to shoot an average stag on the hill in late September during the rut ,sorry if its a bit of a vague question but need to start some ware .thanks
Chiltern sporting
Chiltern sporting
Hi Neillfrbs,
Thanks for getting in touch, I'll send a PM.
Thanks for the words of advise, its easy to lose perspective, especially when people come out with their stories of being locked up for 24 hours and all their guns grabbed at 10:30pm!
Made you look ! LOL
Good one 😝
Seriously though, if I were in your shoes I’d get a letter from your land owner and carry on as normal.
I’m lucky in that all my stalking is within about 20mins of my front door and as I live in a rural are I’m unlikely to see anyone on the way there or back. I haven’t stopped stalking at all this present lockdown as It is considered essential crop (tree) protection.
all the best to you
Fox Tales
Fox Tales
Cheers , I'm going to try and sort this . I have to take any contact with the farmer in question seriously as he has parkinsons. May see if he'll email it for printing .
I'm looking for a mew deer stalking partner, though I suspect you'd be crossing quite a few County lines 😉.
Yes, I’m in Suffolk so that might be a stretch too far......

To be fair even a txt or something from then landowners would be sufficient as long as you can print it out!
are yhe sticks in good dry condition and have they been stuck, meaning the legs
Yes there in good condition, never been stuck only selling as surplus as I’ve bought rekon sticks
Hi, saw your comment regarding the Swarovski DS recently sold.

Keep me posted mate,I have 1 already but would have another for sure

I have a Gen 11 DS 5-25x52 SR (rail mount) scope purchased new last year to put on my R8 308 barrel but I've never used it.
Let me know if it's of interest.

Redding Die Lock Rings
Hi Jeffo, thanks for the reply. I would be interested in your couple of Redding lock rings. What would you be looking for with postage ?
Thanks Alan
Make me an offer
is your heart set on an r8 build?

I have an R93 grs stock with glass bed action (glass bed by hps target rifles)
Hi Tony

£50 sent for Ranger Shirt.

I tried to sent it immediately but it came back with an error message and said I had to specify a future date. So, I have sent it to arrive Saturday.

So you should have it shortly. (Hope it doesn't come through twice.)

All the best for the jab tomorrow.


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