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Mick Miller
Righto, I'll let him l know
Mick Miller
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Mick Miller
Okay, he's happy with that. Please text Neil on 07872991469 to go over how you want paying, I think he'll prefer PayPal as goods as their is done comeback should it get lost in post etc.

Anyhow, my work here is done.

Thanks, David
i have a place i could take you Dorset roe fallow odd sieka if interested i am from Worcestershire we could travel i my truck
Hi that sounds excellent thank you, let me know what suits you plans etc, fee etc, I am a novice, shot a roe buck few years ago now, no deer since been out with Sikamalc last December. I am free on the days in the ad but can travel to be there early once dropped partner at airport, what ever suits you. Very grateful for the opportunity. Tom
tom please send me your phone number i will call you if you can do am and pm on the 26th am and pm on the 27th am on the 28th that is 5 outings £350 any roe fallow or sika £45 each but not big fallow or sike stags/bucks we would need to stay down there
Ok that's good. 07973601432 at work till ten tonight. Then off. Email is Any thoughts on accommodation.
Hi are you still looking for some company shooting rabbits in Witney, I live in Abingdon and have my own thermal night vision and HMR plus I can't sing either.
Hi. I have not heard back from you since our initial conversation. Is everything OK? Did you get my messages about the February's draw? Thanks!
Hi I’m going to Cape Town and traveling around the eastern cape for two weeks have you anything cheap like some culling don’t want anything fancy at all I’ll be in Cape Town from the 7th of may
Hi I have a swarovski z6i gen1 and was wondering if you can retro fit a ballistic turret and if so is it a factory job or a DIY kind of thing. I have looked about and can only see them for the z8 scopes on swaro Web site. Any help much appreciated thanks in advance
I may have a scope mount for your 6.5mm Swede. (Bad-Ace mount from The US)
It's designed to fit on the M38 rear sight bed; it sounds like your rifle is the same as mine, a re-barreled, re-sighted M96 with a turned down bolt handle.
If that interests you, let me know.

Interested, please detail and price Alan (courser)
Good evening Andy. I am not sure if you are getting any of my PMs. I have messaged to let you know of my address for the February winner's draw. Please let me know if you got it all right. Thanks!
If you want to advertise hunts on this site you need trade membership. Please adhere to site rules.
The closest area I have to you is Bedfordshire Jct13 off the M1 for CWD and Muntjac. I am filling fast for this winter but you are welcome to call me on 07803876303.
Hi Swaro,
I am in the process of buying some mediums off here to replace my lows (to enable me to get better eye relief). So I may have some lows available in a few weeks if you haven't got anything sorted by then.
think ill be needing them sooner than that?cheers
No problem - I have started thinking maybe I should hang onto them just in case I ever change scopes again as a low would normally suit. Good luck sourcing some.