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Just wondered if it was you who kindly donated a stalk for a Chinese water deer back about May time. I don't seem to be able to find the thread as it was me who won lot 2 I think. Sorry to bother you if it wasn't. Cheers, Martin.
I offered the cwd Stalking if that helps, I offered 2 outings. And have one guy booked it already and another guy who bid it up and then won it and couldn’t afford it. What happened after that I don’t really know.
Steve - do you need any more 7mm 08 brass? Just checking before I dig them out and advertise them. Dave.
Thanks for thinking of me Dave, I have in fact traded the 7-08, have a 6,5 in its place now, sorry, but I'm sure you'll find a taker or two for your brass.

You still up Stonedge?
I know a guy looking for a member to join syndicate near Alnwick .I am a member .
Let me know if your interested
Hiya...Got a dozen decent ones for you....all ex military, almost all are dated 1989, and I presume, only once fired....gimme yer address and I'll get them on their way tomorrow morning...then as long as they suit, cover the post.

Cheers for now.

Morning Bob, I've just got registered on Slalking Directory. Good to see you on here and hope as is well with you.
Cheers Jim Sugden (Ian - Yorrics lad)
Hi Jim
nice to see you fella, keep safe and well.

Experienced mature individual, looking for seasonal ghillie work with ponies, have quad and Argo ticket as well as estate experience! Aiming at 2019 season , stags and hinds!
Hi mty wish you luck with sale but thats only 9'99 off a new one, and iam sorry to say but this lot will wish to pay far less the £150 for a 2nd hand bag even if it was new in the bag .lol
In 1995 I was in Canberra and got to watch the police conduct a qualification for issuance of kangaroo license's . The condition of the rifles I observed was so bad the tools in the old junk tool box were in better condition. One of the people there complained his rifle wasn't shooting well and was going to poor oil down the barrel then shoot it to clean it out ! So stop you whining about something thats not a prob
You are no ****ing angel sport. Late in 2011, a complaint was made alleging Maxberry had brought the organisation into disrepute. This included prodding the chief range officer in the chest and being abusive, and communicating with the Defence Force in a way that interfered with the national association's affairs.
Thats way over 100,000 rounds in half a dozen rifles . In the US the Across the Course National course of fire has 2 stages of rapid fire , and yes we used stripper clips to which I owe several trophies . As a licensed and schooled gunsmith I know how to take care of a rifle and in the course of firing in over 30 years only managed to break 2 old style rivet extractors , the new rivet-less was never broken !
John you have made some comments that not doubt keep getting repeated by persons as yourself . I would like to correct you and other's that keep repeating the message. I have won 5 US NRA national Rifle championships between 1990-1995 over a dozen US National Records , 4 international teams , on over 25 US states , in over half a dozen countries ,,, ALL WITH THE REMINGTON M-700 and the factory extractor !
Yes the charging paper lion eh...oooh wooo
I am currently serving, with the Scots Guards and would be very interested in. Some Muntjac stalking. I have all the equipment necessary. It is a very noble thing you are offering and is appreciated greatly.

Yours aye
I have used the longbow on my .243 for many years and had about 180 foxes one year,but now tend to use it mostly for rabbit control on .17HMR and will expect around 60+rabbits a night on a golf course that suffers a great deal. While not the cheapest option found it well worth the money. From a safety point of view with an enhanced laser I can see foxes clearly out to 400 metres. Great piece of kit.