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  1. .222 REMINGTON

    I use 22.0 grains of N133 which gives 3065 fps with a 50 grain FMJ Sako bullet, for target practice. HB
  2. Shooting white pheasant ??

    Hello chaps I have just joined a mid-sized syndicate and had my first (excellent) day with them today. Their keeper has purchased a small quantity of pure-white pheasants - I saw them being delivered in July. If one of the Guns shoots one of these then he is expected to pay a £50 fine to the...
  3. Quality versus quantity

    I am not a serious user of 'scopes, but I find that my 1952 Bausch & Lomb Balvar 2.5 - 4 variable (with no turrets) and my 1960s Peccar 4 x 30 scopes are very sharp and clear for use on the range. But out on the hill after sunset might be another matter... HB
  4. Classic 7

    I will stick with my 1930s Savage 99 in .22 Savage High Power... HB
  5. 22 rimfire lr or wmr

    In calibre 32-20, I should have said...
  6. 22 rimfire lr or wmr

    I was planning to use my Midland double hammer rifle with subsonic 115 grain reloads....................;) HB
  7. 22 rimfire lr or wmr

    Of course the population of Britain, and England in particular, was maybe half of what it is now... I have been looking for a Rook shoot for the past few years to try out my old rifles. There is a huge rookery 50 yards from my front door, but it is surrounded by houses! Those rooks are not...
  8. Wanted: Magazine for my .222 Tikka 55

    Hello chaps I'm trying to find a spare magazine for my much-loved but old (1973) TIKKA 55 bolt action rifle. The magazine is a three shot, with a filler inside it. They are made of steel with an unusual off-centre base plate. Mine has no markings on it at all, so that is unhelpful. If you had...
  9. 22 rimfire lr or wmr

    But of course you need a proper Rook rifle for rooks! I can let you have a recipe if you wish, but they are an acquired taste... HB
  10. Intro

    Bonjour Mike Nous habitons en 09 Ariege pour trois mois de l'annee. M. le Maire de notre village est un grand chasseur, pour phaisant et sanglier. Bonne chance! HB
  11. Intro

    Side by side 12 bore is the right choice. These over-under thingys will never catch on..... HB
  12. David For Hamshire

    You will enjoy it! I'm proceeding in the opposite direction after 40 years of target shooting... HB
  13. 204 ruger or 22-250

    I've just reloaded a few .22-250 for the first time, and it was dead easy. Cleaning rods for the .204 might be tricky........ HB
  14. 22 rimfire lr or wmr

    If you don't have a .22 Long Rifle then get one! Everybody should have one, and there is a vast range of loadings available. Then depending on what you intend to shoot at, and how many rounds a year, think about a .222 or .223. There are lots of secondhand .222s out there. HB
  15. Your pet loads for 22-250?

    My thanks to the four of you. After a bit more Internet research of American info I shall go ahead and assemble five rounds for him to try. I would hate to blow up his rifle....