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BRACES of Bristol - Mauser M12 with Schmidt & Bender 2.5-10x56 Illuminated Scope
  1. How to get footage off a pard 007

    There may be better apps but that’s one I was told about. The only annoying thing I find with it is every time I connect the pard to my phone it’ll start recording, so I end up with a short video of the kitchen every time I download the videos I actually want!!
  2. How to get footage off a pard 007

    I have an app called RoadCam, connect to your phone with the pards WiFi and then on the app you will find all of your videos, just save them to your phone from there, really easy.
  3. No new applications allowed

    Hardly essential though is it.
  4. No new applications allowed

    It’s a world wide pandemic, they aren’t doing home visits which is part of the process, he’ll have to wait like everyone else.
  5. No new applications allowed

    You can’t beat a face to face meeting to get the measure of a bloke!! Any way, your sons boss took him on in a role that involves pest control without your son having the relevant certificates...
  6. No new applications allowed

    Well they can’t do home visits so...
  7. pard 007

    Is it the newer model then, I have the original unit and just press and release to record.
  8. Cases lengthening after FL resize, what's normal/excessive?

    I have found my Winchester .222 case necks to be considerably longer than any other brass I have.
  9. Sold: .222 brass

    I’d be interested in any Winchester brass you may have going forward.
  10. Football

    So many bitter people 😂
  11. Football

    strong statement considering you don’t actually know them! Is that based on the fact they run around a lot and get paid a lot more than you?
  12. Rabbit or Hare?

    Hares, we’ve got the exact same thing happening at the moment!
  13. Pard NV008

    Can you not see a fox clearly at 200yds then? I can see them clear as day further than that with a 007 and on board ir!!
  14. 222 zeroing

    Show off 😂
  15. 222 zeroing

    @mikesy have you got a ballistic app? I’ve used the iStrelok app which I think is quite good, if you put in all the info which ever app you choose will give you a table with drop at various distances.
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