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  1. Barnes 6.5 x 55 120 gr TSX

    Hi. Yes, I've used that SAKO factory cartridge in my M12 which has a 20" barrel. I chrono'd 6 shots for an average of 2710fps with an SD of 11fps. Grouped a shade under 2" at 210m. Shot Roe and Fallow between 40m and 185m with excellent results. The exit hole was between a 2p - 50p size on all...
  2. High shoulder / hilar shot placement... disadvantages?

    In my humble opinion both X's are too far forward. The diagram doesn't quite replicate what I find on Roe deer either, but then my anatonomical knowledge is based on dead animals lieing on their back! My preferred POA on a perfectly broadside Roe has always been up the centre of the foreleg mass...
  3. Hilltrek Smock - Sizing

    Me too. I'm after a Keela or Hilltrek so any answers would be great.
  4. Keela Heritage Ventile smock

    Hi All. I've had a ventile smock 30 years ago, so know what it does and it's characteristcs. But has anyone got, or had, one of these Keela ones? Mainly interested in sizing, for example is a 'size L' Large or Massive? I'm 5'8" so will the sleeves hang down to my knees? Any help will be...
  5. Fox Cub Size

    The same as Roe deer, where the Does can come into season spread over a longer period than many old pundits used to write.
  6. Sold: Genuine issue MTP windproof combat smock size 180/104

    So to fit 5'9" high with a 41" chest?
  7. Rifle sling used as a shooting aid

    I used slings to steady my rifle in the aim when I was in the military. Just the basic web sling adjusted to wrap around my upper arm. It worked better than nothing. BUT my military rifles had VERY rigid forends! If I tried it with my free floated synthetic stocks there would definitely be an...
  8. For Sale: Pard NV007 12mm and 16mm new OLED models - Pre-Order!

    I've just got the OLED version after owning the Mk1 for a couple of years. Tried it out yesterday in both daylight and at night with a Solaris SRX but only out to 90 metres. The image edge definition is better, sharper. The contrast is also better and overall the image isn't as 'blocky'. The...
  9. Can you use 6mm moderator on a 6.5

    if it's a ASE Jet-z then you can as its stamped .25cal. i queried this with AES and use it on both .243 and 6.5x55.
  10. Are there really Big Cats wild in the UK?

    Wallabies have been living and breeding on the moors north of Leek since at least the early 70's. Used to see them when training soldiers up there.
  11. Nice to read of the Storks breeding in Blighty

    Interesting reading this now. We saw one in the water meadows a couple of weeks before the lock down. I assumed it was from a park or a tame one, but maybe not now I've read this.
  12. Wanted .270 and 30.06 for a photograph.

    Hi All. I have been commissioned to produce a photograph of the legal and common rifle cartridges used on deer in the UK. I've managed to collect everything from .222 upwards with the exception of .270 and 30.06. If anyone has one of these calibres and is prepared to seat a bullet in an empty...
  13. Raptor persecution spikes RSPB

    Meanwhile, yet again, RSPB moorland reserves are on fire burning eggs and chicks of endangered birds. The fire brigade helped by gamekeepers spend days extinguishing them! Not a single fire on privately managed moorland where the birds are flourishing, but not a mention of that!!!
  14. Raptor persecution spikes RSPB

    It begs the question if the country was in lockdown who was out there witnessing this alleged "mass slaughter"?
  15. Wanted: Quality fly rod....

    I have a surplus Orvis Clearwater 10' 4 weight?