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  1. Wanted: Sightron STAC 2.5 - 17.5 x 56

    Hi. I have one. Please PM me.
  2. IndyRef2

    They did have their chance, but they will keep at like a dog with a bone. It is our Union and as such we in England should get our say and put it to bed once and for all. One way or the other. Just my opinion.
  3. No current FAC ?

    So, any police officer on the beat can access the Firearms computer at any time of the day, and get a speedy response? I didn't know that.
  4. No current FAC ?

    She needs a temporary FAC via section 7. If her Firearms licencing department closes at 1700hrs and, while driving home after stalking in the evening, she is stopped by a policeman he may want to see her FAC. He will not be in a position to verify whether or not she is legally in posession of a...
  5. Knives for a pro....sort of. Anyone use a pukko?

    I was given a Puukko when I hunted Elk many years ago in Finland. A few years later in the UK I left it on a stubble field after a late gralloch one evening. A bit late going back in the morning only to find the field being ploughed. Needless to say the bit where I'd left the knife was already...
  6. Amazing impact of sticks on drilling accuracy

    Yes, you're right. In Germany I have only seen Drillings used at close quarters during walked up days or driven days for hare and Roe. Not really built for accurate shooting at range.
  7. Boar in Herefordshire

    You had at least one. I stayed on Skomer for a few days photographing Puffins in the late 90's. In the little visitor hut I saw a Muntjac buck skull and enquired as to why it was there on an island. The permanent staff said it was found on the shore in a weak condition and wet through. They...
  8. Yew Tree 6mm Bullet

    Thanks for the heads up Richard. I've sent you an e-mail re buying some.
  9. Why is the BDS not relevant?

    Also not forgetting that the BDS is an apolitical charity and not a shooting organisation. Thus is in a position to offer unbiased advice to queries from Government bodies, education authorities etc. As to the survey? I didn't see it so couldn't answer.
  10. What left this?

    Badger. Not Bear 'cos it's not in the woods.;)
  11. frontline or a working flea and tick treatment

    I second Nextgard. The dogs like it too.
  12. Non-lead bullets and scrubbed barrels

    Aaah. I failed to RTFQ! I thought the second image was of the Winchester lead load.
  13. Non-lead bullets and scrubbed barrels

    I know, maybe harmonics was the wrong word, but the OP is still comparing apples with pears. if he'd tried 2 different brands of the same bullet weight the result may have been different in a favourable way?
  14. Non-lead bullets and scrubbed barrels

    150gr Hornady GMX v 130gr Fox is a bit apple v pears. Probably nothing to do with a scrubbed barrel but more to do with barrel harmonics?
  15. Stuck screws in scope rings....any ideas?

    I suggest you try penetrating oil, here's a link No Nonsense Penetrating Lubricating Oil 750ml and let it soak overnight before resorting to heat or a dremel.
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