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  1. Anyone else a Carp angler on here?

    Long banned john
  2. Anyone else a Carp angler on here?

    A bit like some pheasant shooting admittedly
  3. Mouse's 243

    Have you a paypal.address
  4. Anyone else a Carp angler on here?

    Wild fish yes , fish that can move miles in watercourses yes I cannot for the life of me understand the fisherman who camps round a 'pond ' waiting to hook a fish thats stocked at an adult weight that becomes an unatural potbellied effigy of what nature intended it to be fed on copious volumes...
  5. Securing a quad whilst in a trailer

    Just take a wheel off the quad and stash it out of sight in the car
  6. Darty Dog loves his beaches.

    I remember one autumn evening sitting fishing from one of the northern lewis beaches watching skein after skein of geese thousands in total coming in from the sea on migration ,not a sound apart from the sea and geese not a soul for miles one of those magical experiences
  7. What’s the WORST 4x4 you’ve owned?

    You should have a look what they are making you might change your mind
  8. What’s the WORST 4x4 you’ve owned?

    Pity you didnt keep it 🙃
  9. Darty Dog loves his beaches.

    Some of the beaches in the outer hebrides are beyond belief wild and fantastic , best place i have ever worked if you like solitude and untouched beauty
  10. One for the SD Faithful

    I met an old lad last year his plate is IL1 or LI1 i forget which, the 1st county fermanagh reg ! it was his fathers, he told me he has had several huge offers for it including a 7 figure sum from a wealthy chinese man He refused lol
  11. Big thanks to Danum Blades

  12. Hunt sab’s clash with farmer

    Personally i think anyone who engages in anti social malicious shennanigans on private property whilst wearing a mask should lose any rights they have I remember a video a couple if years ago posted by hunt sabs of a little twat with a weight on a rope repeatedly hitting a hunt member with it...
  13. Bloody terriers.

    Try a couple of labs fed in green tripe and lambs heads in the back if a swb landrover 🤢
  14. What’s this Can you identify it?

    Those scales are common enough i have one somewhere its a salter i think
  15. berreta 686 ou .410

    Try a 3" load of 9s at skeet range over decoys 😉