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BRACES of Bristol - Dark Fox Package, Mauser M12, LIEMKE Thermal Scope, Wildcat Mod
  1. Bullets through a barrel

    Approximate from reloading notes, but not exactly OCD about it.
  2. PSE E-Tac Inlet

    I had a T3 for sale days ago, perfect donor rifle. You're not going to see much in the way of genuinely shot out T3x yet, although there are a few with prematurely scrap barrels. I may know of such a T3x Roughtec in 6.5 Creedmoor, if you wish me to ask the owner if its for sale, PM me.
  3. For Sale: ASE Utra Jet Z, .25, 1/2"UNF

    😭 It's a .25, description now updated.
  4. For Sale: ASE Utra Jet Z, .25, 1/2"UNF

    For sale, ASE Utra Jet Z moderator, 1/2"UNF, .25 stamped, so up to and including 6.5mm as per ASE Utra specs. Wee bit of surface rust on the front end, finish is generally faded. You will need an open slot to acquire a moderator on your cert. £50, prefer f2f but will consider RFD transfer.
  5. March scopes

    I believe he runs the March business as a sideline to his main venture, and struggles to find enough hours in the day.
  6. March scopes

    I think Gary (Costello perhaps) is the proprietor.
  7. March scopes

    I had a less than satisfactory experience, which was only made right'ish when the owner got involved.
  8. Wanted: S&B 1.5-6x42

    Cheers, but sold a while back.
  9. What loctite for bases and rings

    Loctite 243, blue, medium.
  10. Ban Driven Grouse debate

    I hear mention of "shooting for fun". Taking that line is dangerous, there aren't that many on here who shoot deer by necessity. As ever, divided we all fall.
  11. Barrel break-in, unnecessary faff or worthwhile?

    Pal bought a new 270 setup last week, a Sako Finnlight 2. Right from the off it was putting Sako Powerhead 2 TTSX 110 into half inch groups. He has the VFG cleaning gear, and put two or three patches through it after each couple of rounds for about 12 rounds, and they did appear to be...
  12. New World Record at 1000 Yards

    Bloody huge target, easy.
  13. New World Record at 1000 Yards

    I can't believe he's not using a Creedmoor...
  14. New Starter Caliber choice

    Been thinking/saying this for a fair while now.
  15. Sold: 6.5x47L brass, once fired

    Bought from a member on here, never used. Have 2x 100, £50/100 incl second class postage. Also have over 200 that have been fired multiple times, but just been annealed, sized and sorted into groups of trimmed length. These could go as a job lot for £75 incl second class postage.
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