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  1. For Sale: Mesh gloves

    For sale, one pair of unused large (about 9.5-10) mesh-topped gloves for summer stalking, if it ever comes. Solid cotton palm with dots. £8.00 posted
  2. Sold: The Practical Guide to Long Range Hunting Rifles (Paperback)

    As new condition. £11.00 posted
  3. When was your last check up?

    Wishing you a speedy recovery Dodgyknees. I rarely went to the doctors before I hit 50 (didn't need to) but since then I've become a regular visitor & get everything checked as required. We're very lucky with the GP surgery & the NHS where we are & always get seen quickly.
  4. For Sale: THULE OCEAN 500 ROOF BOX

    Do you think the box would take a couple of pairs of 190cms skis? Only interested in box though.
  5. Fantasy £15K Challenge

    You don't even need to buy the case, I'll lend you one.
  6. + Quote

    Like so;
  7. + Quote

    I've just had a quick look at it & it looks like it's basically a copy & paste tool. I think you'll be able grab a quote from a thread & insert it into a message on a different thread.
  8. Fantasy £15K Challenge

    About £1500 would get me a good secondhand rifle, scope, binos, smock & boots. Spend the rest on overseas experiences.
  9. Bloody Storm Dennis.

    Horrible experience to have to go through. I've now got a set of these on my wellies to allow me to propel myself forward when walking...
  10. Off to Sweden!

    Sounds amazing!
  11. Teague chokes

    I'm a big fan of them, especially the flush ones on game guns. It probably matters less on clay guns but I do like to see a smooth barrel end rather than something with ugly notches in it. On one of my game guns I had them make & fit a long set of chokes & they are exquisitely engineered. They...
  12. For Sale: Harkila Fenja Roesack

    Harkila Fenja Roesack £60 posted I've had it a few years but it's mainly just sat on the shelf or been used for caring spare clothes for the kids sporting activities. It's never been used for deer. Same as this one...
  13. Roe sack folding

    Yool sack from Bushwear. Will fit in a pocket when not in use.
  14. Tracking in melting snow

    I heard you'd taken on a GWP. You'll need to come around for a walk as I have one too now. I think it was GSP's last time you were here.