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Stoney Creek - Purpose Built Shooting Clothing
  1. Ivermectin, for the interested

    Not convinced about it yet Cheers Bruce
  2. Pard 008 mount broken

    Apparently, a replacement mount costs £59 from Sportsman Gun Centre. Cheers Bruce

    Sadly, your experience is not unusual. Some people buy ATN X Sights and have no problem and like them very much, but far too many people like you (and me) have suffered from ATNs lack of quality control at the manufacturing stage and dreadful after sales service I; like you will not spend any...
  4. . 22lr zero range

    I zero 60 yards with subsonics and then shoot targets from 50-100 yards at 10 yard intervals to establish the holdovers. Cheers Bruce
  5. Pulsar krypton FXG50 thermal imaging attachment

    There is a green tinge to the display, which in my mind makes the overall display brighter than say a helion XQ38. I think the extra brightness is to compensate for the reduction of light coming through the scope at higher magnifications where only a small part of the display actually being...
  6. Interesting German Thermal

    Steve, I did this on a CZ527 in 22 hornet with an Athlon Midas HMR2.5-15x50 scope. Without the Krypton, I zeroed one inch high at 100 yards. With the Krypton fitted, it's x and y offsets both at zero, and using a hot hands bag approx 1 1/2 inches square as the target, my POI was about 1 1 /2...
  7. Interesting German Thermal

    At x2.5-x3 magnification the display does not fill the scopes field of view and the icons along the bottom of the display are visible. I'd say the image is at it's sharpest in this magnification range At x4-x5 magnification, the add-on display fills the field of view and the icons are no longer...
  8. Interesting German Thermal

    1 pixel at 100m with the Krypton equates to a 24mm square, so shooting one inch groups is pretty damned good. Cheers Bruce
  9. Current Supply Chain Problems - Thanks For Everyone's Patience

    If my maths is right, she must be getting at least 5 pressies - lucky girl :) Cheers Bruce
  10. Flir Scout

    I don't know how to open it up, but it's likely the battery will be a non standard shape and size proprietary to FLIR and not generally available - hence the £150. Cheers Bruce
  11. Interesting German Thermal

    I'm still trying to get my head round this, but a well designed front add-on should not have any affect on your scope zero. I just purchased a Pulsar Krypton and did the following test: I put the rifle in a rest so that the scope cross hairs were fixed on a target I then fitted the front add-on...

    Word is that in Scotland the law is going to be changed to allow bullets lighter than 100g for red deer so that non lead ammo can be used in 243. If they don't do that, then there will be a lot of 243s for sale cheap, or even a situation where the government might be forced to give compensation...
  13. Presidential election - Who do you think?

    Agreed, let's stop this thread here, and hope that the senate votes to stop Trump from ever holding any government office again. Cheers Bruce
  14. For Sale: Toyota Landcruiser Lc4 Auto 3.0 T/D D4-D 55 Reg

    Best of luck with the sale, I had one, same year same colour, same trim. My first Landcruiser and a truly fantastic vehicle Trade in mine last January for a 2015 LC150 ICON. Once you own a 'cruiser, nothing else comes close (especially LandRovers) :rofl: Cheers Bruce
  15. Matt hancock

    AAAAAw shame There are bigger problems in this world than people not being able to drink hot chocolate and gluhwein at the top of a feckin mountain Cheers Bruce
BRACES of Bristol - Mauser M12 with Schmidt & Bender 2.5-10x56 Illuminated Scope