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  1. Poll

    Out'. Hwh.
  2. No more babies PLEASE!

    You have lust proved that you are a vulgar slob in addition to being an inconsiderate one ! HWH.
  3. No more babies PLEASE!

    Only a `LAME-BRAIN` or someone with NO kind thoughts for their pets would do such a thing. By keeping only males of the species this problem does not occur. Female Guppies are drab coloured beggars anyway and a tank full of males including Golden Guppies is a pleasure to own without having an...
  4. Stag 1933

    I gave that one to a friend quite a while ago but Andrew Corney of A C Firearms has my BRNO CZ550 .243 for sale also a T8 reflex moderator and my 7 gun Clay Shooters Steel cabinet. That CZ550 is an excellent shooter. Regards, Hubert H.
  5. Stag 1933

    OK , Ratty ! A very large coloured person was zig-zagging along the pavement whilst playing with his mobile phone. I ran over his left foot and he was not a happy bunny when I told him to stick the phone where the sun does not shine and open his lugs. (Cumbrian dialect for ears.) Nuff said ...
  6. Stag 1933

    Thanks for your kind remarks Gents ! I am 82 now and am partially sighted and festered. I am on an electric scooter having lost my driving licence due to the faulty vision. A couple of days ago I passed over my last rifle ( .243 BRNO CZ550 ), T8 moderator, gun slip and a hard case to A C...
  7. Sika head

    An excellent head. Was it CIC measured prior to mounting ? HWH.
  8. Border Stalkers Rifle Shoot.

    Wrong Sir. Penrith and District Gun Club. [ Clay Pigeon shooting ground.]
  9. Head Measuring - BDS at Moy Fair

    Given the choice of an internationally recognised measurer or Joe Soap any rational person would go for the former ! HWH.
  10. BDS moved over to Dominic Griffiths from CIC for measuring ?

    Why use a somebody who is not internationally recognised when the genuine C.I.C. people are available ? Stuff the rest and use the best ! HWH.
  11. Border Stalkers Rifle Shoot.

    In the event of the two 119/120 tying for first place the 89-30 beats the 90-29 due to the smaller and therefore more difficult grouping target score. HWH.
  12. Border Stalkers Rifle Shoot.

    12 shots total based on the BDS format. Being 3 shots at 100 yards on the standard grouping target from a simulated high-seat and 3 shots also from here on the Roebuck target, 3 shots sitting or kneeling at 70 yards and 3 shots standing at 40 yards with use of a stick optional at 40 yards also...
  13. Show your double rifle

    Beautiful Merkel stag 1933, I love Merkels. Do you still own it? No. I sold it and spent the money fitting double-glazing everywhere here. I have been only partially sighted for some years now and no longer shoot or drive a car. It was being wasted sitting in the cabinet. I had shot 7 species...
  14. Show your double rifle

    Same rifle, different habitat . I had no mountain boots in those very early 1960s. HWH.
  15. Show your double rifle

    7X65R O/U on a Merkel action with a Zeiss 6X42 steel scope. Scope reticle type 1A [my favourite.] HWH.
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