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  1. Pait & W.Monar

    I think we've all missed the boat ! (forgive the blatant pun) Hasn't the estate been sold ? Don't know who's bought it, - sadly not me. Glenstrathfarrarr and onwards is a magical place.
  2. For Sale: Zeiss DTI thermal imager

    What's your lowest price - would you take £20 ?
  3. Attaching Antler to Walking Stick

    it's everywhere around me. Agreed there's plenty of blackthorn around, but most of it near me (south of the river) tends to be too bushy with very few 'unbranched' stems of sufficient length, whereas good hazel grows like a weed !!
  4. Attaching Antler to Walking Stick

    IMO people only use hazel because they can't straighten sticks ooh that hurt, - probably because there's a grain of truth in it ! Don't run away with the idea that hazel needs no straightening though. That's what I think when I cut them, but by the time they've seasoned they've usually...
  5. Attaching Antler to Walking Stick

    Sorry Baguio, have to disagree about hazel. It's my stick of choice, and I've not known one ever break. I've only made forty or fifty admittedly, but I've never heard a user report a failure, and my own have endured some pretty strenuous punishment over half a lifetime.
  6. US capital upheaval...

    .........and I thought I was right-wing !! Wow - I've got a lot to learn !
  7. Market trader caught selling Covid Vaccines.

    Kenbro, I think your humour may be a little too subtle !!
  8. Sold: Wild boar carcass

    Don't think you can at the moment !! Even if you could, Teyhan's in Herefordshire (often confused with another county) which is a bit more than 50 or 60 miles from the Smoke !
  9. So now that we have completely left the EU please can somebody tell me one positive thing that we can now do which we couldn't do before

    Heym, don't you think you're getting just a bit obsessive about all this ? I really can't be bothered to argue the case for Brexit, (for me it was never about economic gain or loss so there's nothing I could say that would convince you), and anyway it's happened now. All the arguing in the...
  10. Vegans

    That's a great quote - wish I'd come across it long ago ! Thanks, Ade.
  11. Paulybrynmoel

    diolch yn fawr ! I knew I'd get somewhere if I kept it civil (post #9) !
  12. Paulybrynmoel

    Bloomin' Taffs !!
  13. Paulybrynmoel

    You enjoyed that didn't you ! I'm much wiser ! Will just have to google it - and your 4 tongue-twisters !
  14. Paulybrynmoel

    Forgive an ignorant Englishman, but where in the Principality is Upper Cwmtwrch ?. - Oh, and welcome to SD !

    Lost for words - that's impressive ! Obviously the Rolls Royce of microwaves. You must have been a very wealthy man !!