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Thread: Browning X bolt magazine feed

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    Browning X bolt magazine feed

    Wondered if anyone else has experienced a magazine feed problem with the X bolt, happens to be 308.

    Mine does not always push the next round up in the magazine. It is definitley the mag and not the rifle. I have purchased a second mag and it seems to do the same occassionally. The spring is sound and it it clean inside. I notice the second new mag is slightly different internally which suggest Browning have changed it for a reason.....hmmmm!

    I think that as the front of the mag tapers to follow the round, if the round moves forward slightly in the mag the neck of the round causes friction with the plastic internal part/casing of the mag. If you tap the mag it pops up not the right position to be pushed into the breach. As I reload my own, my cases are bone dry which may not help, I am considering a careful light gentle lubricant on the case (not neck or round or head of course).

    Why they use a rotary mag is beyond me, trying to be to f***ing clever, whats wrong with a straight mag, ok it would stick out an inch or two. Annoying as I love the rifle!

    Any advice, help or someone who can make me a proper mag to fit the rifle would be appreciated?


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    I have the X-Bolt in 300 win mag and initially found that when I was pulling the bolt back to recharge after firing, if I didn't pull it all the way back it fails to pick the round up and feed it. However it did try to push the round forwards and caused it to jam. Now that I am concious of this I never have the problem.

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