1. Sold: .17 Hornet

    Hello all! I’ve been searching for a while now but have not been successful… (Not the right ones on the usual sites either or have been snapped up …) I’m looking for a .17 Hornet, Ideally a Weihrauch HW66 but will consider others too like the CZ 527 or what else have you got? Due to this...
  2. .17 Hornet vs .22 Hornet

    Hi guys, I’ve currently got a slot free on my FAC for a .17 Hornet for small vermin on the farm at longer distances. Now the problem is that I keep finding .22 Hornets for sale both new and s/h but I’m struggling to find many .17s What’s everyone’s opinion, apply for a variation and get a .22...
  3. Hi New here, and Hi again......and Cheers....oH and Hello......im no good at this!!

    Hi all, bit-time foxer having a good year, most done in thermal (NO its not Cheating!!) also some deer but not into the work once its dead so don't do much of that.