1. New to the site

    This site was recommended by my brother and although I don’t stalk at the moment, I have just renewed my FAC and shotgun licences. I’ve retired early and now have time to indulge my passion for shooting, either within my county of Cambridgeshire or anywhere else in the country. Looking forward...
  2. Sold: .22 .223 .224 Bullet Heads

    Bullet Heads in .22/.223/.224 (Updated to show remaining) Approx 200x Generic BT FMJ Military .224 5.56 55gr £20 Have not checked generic orange packs One is sealed 100x one is nearly full est 85x Happy to post at cost at £3.50 up to 2Kg tracked Thanks for looking
  3. .17 Hornet vs .22 Hornet

    Hi guys, I’ve currently got a slot free on my FAC for a .17 Hornet for small vermin on the farm at longer distances. Now the problem is that I keep finding .22 Hornets for sale both new and s/h but I’m struggling to find many .17s What’s everyone’s opinion, apply for a variation and get a .22...

    BLASER R8 BARREL AND CONVERSION KIT .22 LR £1450.00 https://rmacleod.co.uk/blaser-r8-22-gun03420/#
  5. Sold: Anschutz .22 LR 1813 (Super Match) Target Rifle

    A top quality Anschutz Model 1813 'Supermatch' .22LR bolt action target rifle in good condition. 27" very heavy target barrel (excellent bore), front tunnel sight with many multiple Iris inserts, Anschutz rear diopter sight with multiple apeture inserts. Adjustable alloy butt with hook, metal...
  6. Sold: FOR SALE CZ452 .22

    For sale a cheap .22 CZ 452 with mounts and screwcut - 1/2 inch unf. Comes with 2 mags. Either a cheap entry gun or action if you want to build a custom gun. All in good condition. Locate in Surrey for F2F transfer or shipped to RFD at your expense. £125.00
  7. Sold: For Sale .22 SAKO Finnfire heavy barrel

    For sale a SAKO Finnfire heavy barrel .22 (Varmint ), in looked after, good used condition with mounts and a Simmons 2.5x10x50 scope. It is factory screwcut 1/2 UNF with a thread protector and suits a SAK mod (NOT INCLUDED). It comes with a 10 round magazine. Located in Surrey or can send to RFD...
  8. Bunny basher set ups

    So got my variation back after only 4 days and now in the market for a .22 bunny basher. Thinking about what to mount on top of it what are you all using out there as I’m thinking of a Yukon any advice/recommendations cheers.
  9. Tikka T1x

    I want to get a tikka T1x but I’d like a thumbole stock for it. Does anyone know where I can get ahold of one ?
  10. CZ 455 Varmint .22

    Anyone have any comments on CZ 455 Varmint in .22LR? Not thumbhole version. Thinking of purchasing for rabbit shooting. Recommendations for a suitable moderator and barrel length suggestions appreciated.
  11. Fiocchi .22 Subsonics

    Avoid these like the plague! 60% or so go supersonic. So there's no consistency and you'd be missing a lot of bunnies etc! In a navy blue box with a red stripe on the LHS. I bought 500 of the buggers so it'll be a trip back to the gunshop for me, ho-hum.
  12. CZ 452 American

    I've just purchased a CZ 452 American in .22LR with a walther illuminated reticle scope and moderator. I've been having a look at it when I got it home and noticed the barrel is touching the fore-end on the right hand side. I tried the bank note trick down the barrel and it gets stuck where it...
  13. Looking to replace my .22 rimfire

    I am looking to replace my rather tired Mauser 107 .22 lfb bolt action rifle. I have seen the CZ 452 silhouette but now also the zkm 455 thumbhole. There is also the Weihrauch HW 60 and the Anschutz XIV. does anyone own any of the above or have any sound advice please? I currently run a 12"...