1. JMikeyH

    Sold: .22 sub 12ft/lb Air Rifle

    .22 Gamo Phox for sale, sub 12 ft/lb. Ideal for backyard pest control or for vermin permissions where a bit more discretion is required. Pictures: Gamo Phox – Google Drive The gun is in .22 calibre, comes with a ten shot magazine. It is a PCP air rifle with filling capacity up to 230bar...
  2. A

    CZ 455 Varmint .22

  3. R

    For Sale: Walther .22 G22 Semi Auto

  4. Rupert J

    Sold: Browning T-bolt .22lr

  5. F

    Sold: Patchworms

  6. tedster

    Fiocchi .22 Subsonics

  7. tjm160

    Sold: Theoben Taunus .22

  8. S

    Sold: Sako Finnfire Varmint (22 lr.)

  9. adjman

    CZ 452 American

  10. Blackdog

    Looking to replace my .22 rimfire