Bunny basher set ups


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So got my variation back after only 4 days and now in the market for a .22 bunny basher. Thinking about what to mount on top of it what are you all using out there as I’m thinking of a Yukon any advice/recommendations cheers.


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Got the pard 007 split between my rimmy and pcp ( using the same scope on each rifle) its works brilliantly, i put a decent ir on it and for bunny bashing its ideal £ for £ it’s a tidy bit of kit

put a bit of time into getting it focused properly and its just the ticket, I haven’t used mine over 60 yds but its good enough for me


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Got a Pard 008P for the .22 a couple of weeks back and its a great bit of kit. If you dont fancy shelling out for the range finder version you could always get one of these to mount on the side later down the line, thats what i plan to do.

There are a few trade members here that will offer you a competitive price on pard stuff if you DM them.


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(Dons helmet, tightens strap, gingerly raises head above parapet)....

I'd consider an ATN X-Sight 4K and I use a Wraith IR laser with mine on a 22WMR. ATN gets my vote and I think the LTV version is due into the UK soon at a Pard price point, I'll be getting one of those for my HMR.

(Ducks down sharpish, clamps hands on top of helmet and waits for incoming Pard fanboy rocket barrage)