1. paulbshooting

    For Sale: Magpul PMAG5 AC L Standard magazine

    Hello I am selling the following Magpul magazine. Brand new and unopened packaging. Bought with a magpul kit and not required as using AI metal mag. £50 on riflemags.co.uk (as below) , will take £30 delivered mainland UK only. See the three photos attached so you are 100% sure this fits...
  2. S

    Sold: 30-06 Rifle and Moderator ideally

    Hi Folks, Wondering if anyone has a 30-06 rifle and moderator, cheap and cheerful that they are looking to part with! I would like one for the extra kick, mainly target shooting and one day will get into stalking when time permits! Thanks Tim
  3. W

    30-06 Rounds 125g vs 150g

    Thought i would throw this out there for friendly discussion. I have shot 125g Federal softpoints through my 30-06 hill rifle for the past year and they have been fine. I picked this round under advice from an estate where i go every year, they use it successfully (as have i). Unfortunately, as...
  4. B

    7mm-08 for Deer & Boar?

    Hi all, I currently have a .243 but am just in the process of getting my variation through for a long range deer & close range boar calibre (having just joined a syndicate). I had decided on a .308 over a 30-06, for no other reason than the ammo is easier to get here and I hear the recoil is...
  5. 2428 miles

    Fussy Calibres

    I reload for two calibres .243 and .30-06. I have had great success with the .30-06 loading two differentrounds and finding sub MOA groupings very quickly. The .243 however has been the opposite end of the spectrum. It has taken many more rounds and is still not shooting as tighter groups as...