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  1. Shooting to the right

    I've noticed that my setup seems to shoot slightly to the right at 200m or if using faster ammunition at 100m. For example, with 150gr bullets (in my 308) I am bang on at 100m, but 1" to the right at 200m. With faster 110gr or 130gr bullets I am 1.5" to the right at 100m. Can anyone explain what...
  2. For Sale: 30 cal 200 gr Sierra 2231 bullets for sale

    I am selling 1800x bullets/ heads . They are the latest Sierra 30 cal model 2231's with the super G1 BC as under: .715 @ 2000 fps and above .695 between 1720 & 2000 fps .660 @ 1720 fps and below MR, F T/R and F Open applications. From Sierra's advert material " The 30 Caliber 200 Grain...
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