1. Free: Advice on Reblueing a Mauser 98 rifle

    Folks, I have a lovely South Africa 7x57mm rifle on a mauser action. Bolt, action, barrell and both sights are engraved so looking for a top guy in yhe UK to re- blue this beauty. Anyone with knowledge on the matter or experience either positive or negative?
  2. RWS 7x57 brass doesn’t fit Lee shell holder No.2…..

    Good morning, I just bought some once fired RWS 7x57 brass, sat down to deprive tHem and discovered they don’t fit my No.2 Lee shell holder, or the No.2 primer holder or the once for the Lee trimmer. I see that they also list the No.10 for 7x57, does anyone know if the RWS brass will fit...
  3. New powders for 7x57

    With the demise of H414, H4350, IMR4350 and Accurate 4350 - can anyone recommend any Reach compliant powders suitable for 120-150 grain bullets for a modern 7x57?
  4. Haygarth or Voere?

    I have submitted an application for a 7x57 for general deer use, some woodland roe deer and some highland reds. I had been thinking of ordering a Haygarth rifle, as I had read some excellent reviews and I had a long chat with Ross Haygath last summer, who seemed very friendly. The price also...
  5. 7x57 v. 6.5 x 55 v 25-06

    I am about to apply for my FAC and am looking for a rifle for both roe and reds with the possibility of occasional foxing. I have done a lot of reading and spoken to several stalkers. I am favouring the 25-06, as it seems to be fairly versitile and very flat, although the 7x57 doesn't seem...