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  1. 177 CO2 Air Rifle Suggestions

    Hi everyone, I'm currently on the lookout for a 177 CO2 air rifle for small game/vermin control, mainly rabbits. I know there is a hot debate on whether 177 or 22 is better for this but I've decided to settle on a 177. I'm browsing at the moment so if anyone can recommend a decent rifle that's...
  2. Walther CP 88

    Hi I have a Walther CP 88 .177 that has been collecting dust in my cupboard for years is it worth anything?
  3. Sold: SOLD Weihrauch HW100 thumbhole Pre-charged sub-12 air rifle .177 with mod and scope £445.00

    Weihrauch HW100 pre-charged thumbhole stock .177 with mod and scope, mod and scope. Just had a service and a new cylinder. Walnut wood thumbhole stock 1 x magazine. Used with scratches but just general wear. Great overall air rifle. £445.00 £25.00 RFD to RFD charge if required. Scope has...
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